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Marták Logistic s.r.o.


The company Marták Logistic s.r.o. was established in autumn 2004. The team of our employees put professional care and efforts, so you can feel free to become another satisfied customer.

Our company handles complete services in the area of freight transport and forwarding. We provide transportation of individual or pick-up shipments, we are here to deliver your express or excessive mass and dimension loads.

Storage is another important part of our logistic services. Our storage premises are supplied with modern storage technology and comply with the most strict criteria for warehouse management.


Domestic and international transportation is carried out with vehicles of all weight categories.


We offer vacant storage premises in our newly built storage hall.

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We provide all transport services to, and also from, all EU states.

Our trucks are driven by a team of experienced, responsible and professional drivers. Shipment of nonstandard cargo, language skills or help during manipulation with the cargo are a matter of course.

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We provide cargo transportation all across the Czech Republic. We deliver high volume goods, and also single individual and express shipments.

We also provide additional services like loading and unloading.

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Among our services can be also found providing international transportation in cooperation with our proved long-term partners.

We know actual state and availability of vacant transportation technology, so we can provide our customers the best possible service.